Introduction to Partnership Opportunities at Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024


The Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024 offers a multifaceted platform for Solution Providers seeking a targeted, impactful presence in the retail industry. This Summit is the ideal stage for companies that:

  • Seek Both Wide and Narrow Audience Reach: Whether aiming to engage with select professionals in focused Solution Hubs or connect with a broader audience of up to 750 industry leaders throughout the Summit, we offer versatile engagement opportunities. This flexibility allows for targeted interactions as well as expansive networking opportunities.
  • Aim to Connect with Top-Level Professionals: As a leading event in Romania's retail, CPG, and FMCG sectors, the Summit stands as the prime venue for networking with top-tier professionals and industry decision-makers.
  • Desire Flexibility and Tailored Solutions: The Summit's adaptable framework allows partners to choose from various levels of engagement. Options range from leading a specialized Solution Hub session, participating in various Hubs, attending Dinners2Connect, to exclusively engaging in our networking dinners, tailored to your strategic goals. This flexibility ensures your participation aligns perfectly with your marketing and business strategies.
  • Wish to Stand Out as Influential Solution Providers: Amidst a competitive market, the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024 presents a distinctive opportunity for solution providers to differentiate themselves. As the exclusive presenter in a Solution Hub, your brand commands undivided attention from a focused audience. In the Dinners2Connect events, even with multiple co-hosts, your brand enjoys prominent visibility and the opportunity to engage intimately with attendees, ensuring your message resonates clearly and effectively in a collaborative setting.

At the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024, your partnership is more than just a presence; it's an influential contribution to the future of retail, aligning perfectly with your brand's vision of leadership and innovation in the industry.

Why Partner on a Solution Hub?
Partnering on a Solution Hub at the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024 is an exceptional opportunity for your organization to engage with a carefully curated audience, perfectly aligned with the clients within your target.

  • Selective Audience Engagement: Interact with a niche group of professionals meticulously chosen for their relevance and potential interest in your offerings, ensuring meaningful and beneficial interactions.
  • Exclusive Platform: Be the sole solution provider in front of the audience, presenting your tools and solutions without competition, ensuring undivided attention to your message and offerings.
  • Showcase Your Innovations: If your company offers standout tools and solutions that deserve industry attention, this is your stage to shine and capture the recognition your innovations warrant.
  • Establish Thought Leadership: Demonstrate your expertise and lead the narrative in your area, affirming your position as a thought leader in the retail sector.

How to Partner on a Solution Hub?
Partnering on a Solution Hub involves a collaborative process where your expertise meets our audience’s needs.

  • Selection and Tailoring: Choose a theme that aligns with your organization's strengths and market focus. Work with us to tailor the session content for maximum relevance and impact.
  • Interactive Format Design: Collaborate on creating an engaging format that goes beyond presentations to include discussions, case studies, and Q&A sessions.
  • Promotion and Support: Leverage our marketing channels to promote your involvement, supplemented with our team's logistical and planning support.

What Does Partnering Entail?

As a Solution Hub partner, your involvement is integral to the Summit’s success.

  • Content Leadership: Drive the narrative in your chosen theme, sharing insights, trends, and solutions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with participants during and after your session, building lasting relationships.
  • Feedback and Insights: Gain direct feedback and insights from participants, enhancing your understanding of customer needs and industry directions.

Partnering on a Solution Hub at the Summit elevates your engagement from standard conference participation to a strategic platform, connecting you with the ideal audience, distinct and unencumbered by competitive interference. This partnership transcends traditional sponsorship, positioning your brand as an active contributor in shaping retail conversations and solidifying your status as a key influencer in the industry's future.

Why Partner on a Dinners2Connect Networking Dinner at Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024?

  • Engage in a unique opportunity: at the Dinners2Connect Networking Dinner to enhance your brand’s impact in the retail industry.
  • Targeted Engagement: Experience direct interaction with professionals in a sophisticated setting. Co-host a dinner with attendees from different Solution Hubs, ideal for deepening relationships with potential clients interested in Retail Strategies, eRetail Growth, Supply Chain, or Sustainability.
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunity: Connect directly with C-level executives and key decision-makers in an informal, yet elegant environment, fostering meaningful interactions and discussions about industry trends and challenges.
  • Audience Alignment: We ensure dinner attendees align with your target market, facilitating interactions with professionals actively seeking solutions and innovations in their retail sector.

What Does Partnering on a Dinners2Connect Networking Dinner Entail?

As a partner for one of our exclusive Dinners2Connect Networking Dinners at the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024, your brand gains unique access and visibility among industry leaders. Choose from four distinct dinners to align with your target audience:

  • ESG & Sustainability Dinner (Sustainability Impact Day) Day 1
  • CEO & Board Dinner (Retail Strategies Mastery Day) Day 2
  • Supply Chain Dinner (Supply Chain Excellence Day) Day 3
  • eCommerce Dinner (eRetail Growth Day)  Day 4

Key Partnership Opportunities:

  • Branding the Space: Customize the dinner environment with your branding, creating a memorable presence that resonates with the attendees.
  • Leadership Spotlight: Deliver a concise, impactful 15-minute speech to the dinner audience, positioning your brand as a thought leader in the sector.
  • Host a Table: Handpick dinner participants for your table, facilitating focused conversations and strategic networking with key individuals.
  • Matchmaking Support: Work with us to identify and connect with dinner attendees who align with your business objectives, maximizing the potential of your networking efforts.
  • Post-Event Engagement: Receive assistance in following up with dinner participants, extending the relationship-building potential beyond the event.

By partnering with Dinners2Connect, you're not just sponsoring an event; you're actively engaging in shaping meaningful industry connections, enhancing brand visibility, and establishing your company as a pivotal player in the retail sector. Each dinner provides a unique platform to connect with a targeted audience in an intimate and high-value setting, fostering relationships that go beyond traditional networking.

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