Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024 - 3rd Edition

JW Marriot Bucharest

13th of June 2024

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I'm excited to share the news about the upcoming return of the CEE & Romania Retail Summit! The journey towards this event began with a special dinner on June 21, 2023, bringing together important people from the supply chain. And that's not all – we had another enjoyable dinner on June 22, 2023, featuring experienced e-commerce experts. These gatherings gave us a taste of the excitement awaiting us at next year's Romania-CEE Retail Summit!

Mark your calendars for June 13, 2024, as we prepare to host a day filled with great business insights and connections at the JW Marriott in Bucharest, a venue that has shone brilliantly for our events before.

And there's more to celebrate! Thanks to our partnership with the European Circular Retail Foundation, many professionals have a chance to secure free tickets, courtesy of European Conferences United, the European Circular Retail Foundation, and our partners. This opportunity extends to both the Romania & CEE Retail Summit and the many preceding dinners we will be organizing.

Get ready for an amazing one-day event! We're expecting over 1000 participants – including top retailers, experts, leaders, and professionals from the CPG industry in Romania and the CEE region. This event will be significant, drawing inspiration from the success of the Poland & CEE Retail Summit over the past fourteen years.

Our Romania & CEE Retail Congress is a great opportunity for retailers and CPG companies in Romania and the broader CEE region to meet, learn, and introduce their brands to a large and engaged audience.

I'm eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to the Summit and these special VIP pre-conference dinners!

Casper Haring CEO European Conferences United

Starting the 2024 CEE Retail Summits, CEO Casper Haring and Nobel Prize laureate, former President Lech Walesa, initiate the series with an insightful pre-conference dinner, sparking enlightening discussions for the upcoming summits.

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The Romania & CEE Retail Summit commenced its journey with an exclusive Pre-Conference Dinner for Supply Chain VIPs on June 21, 2023.

Special Series of VIP Pre-Conference Dinners 

Leading up to the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024!

Before the main event kicks off, we’re hosting special dinners, continuing from the series we started in June. These dinners are more than just meals; they’re an integral part of the conference experience, designed to blend insightful content with a deep understanding of the solutions needed and the solutions available in our industry.

When you register for the conference, you can request an invite to the dinners that catch your eye. These gatherings are free of charge, and there's absolutely no obligation when you attend. We'll be announcing the exact dates in Q4.

We’ve got a range of topics ready for these evenings:

  • Retail & CPG ESG VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner
  • CEO & Board Directors Pre-Conference Dinner
  • III eCommerce VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner 
  • III Supply Chain VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner 
  • Digital & IT VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner
  • CX & Customer Loyalty VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner
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Continuing its momentum, the Romania & CEE Retail Summit featured a second kickoff attended by eCommercial VIPs on June 22nd, 2023

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Working closely with the Program Committee Members and the esteemed European Circular Retail Foundation (ECRF), I'm passionately crafting an amazing program. My goal? Bringing together 150 dynamic and diverse moderators, speakers, and panelists who'll deliver captivating content.

By becoming a part of this exclusive "Club of 150," you'll get to share your expertise with over 1000 engaged industry pros. Your contributions will make a lasting impact, build vital connections, and drive retail industry progress.

No matter your specialty—whether it's consumer behavior, supply chain, digital innovation, eCommerce, sustainability, or any relevant field—your unique perspective is valued.
Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity. Let's connect, collaborate, and make a real difference.

Contact me now to explore your role in the "Club of 150" as a Program Committee Member, Moderator, Speaker, or Panelist!

Lex Haring Program & Speaker Manager European Conferences United

The set up of the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024

6 Unique Stages


Join us in shaping retail's tomorrow with insights, innovation, and inspiration.

Enter the domain of retail transformation, where the Main Commercial Stage guides you toward the future of retail excellence. Within this space, we delve into emerging trends, reinforce supply chains, redefine store experiences, navigate decisions using data, and champion sustainability in business practices.


Join us in unlocking the potential of modern supply chain solutions.
Explore the forefront of supply chain advancement as we delve into Supply Chain 5.0. Discover strategies to enhance efficiency and transparency, from AI-powered demand forecasting to warehouse automation, all the way to blockchain-enabled visibility and intelligent retail space utilization. 



Join us in unleashing the true potential of eRetail innovation.

Embark on an eRetail journey, where we delve into the essence of digital commerce evolution. Unveil strategies that amplify growth, from leveraging data for informed decisions to optimizing logistics and refining personalized customer interactions. From seamless transactions to tailored experiences, discover the art of fostering loyalty and satisfaction. 



Join us to shape retail's tomorrow through tech innovation.

Discover the world of the Techinvest Stage – a space where the exciting future of retail intertwines with the magic of technology's possibilities. Here, you'll explore clever strategies like leveraging data for marketing and making investments in store technology, unveiling personalized experiences, effortless payments, and informed decisions driven by data analysis.



Join us on the journey of sustainable growth and innovation.

Experience the ESG & Sustainability Stage, a realm where business growth is cultivated by strategic planning and compliance. This platform unveils the influence of ESG and sustainability on success, intertwining principles for a positive impact. Explore strategies that yield competitive advantage, governance, and transparent reporting, shaping the landscape of responsible commerce. 


Join us in this lively setting for exploration, connection, and collaboration.

The Trade Collaboration Stage serves as a vibrant breakout zone, providing a unique opportunity for in-depth discussions and valuable networking interactions. This dynamic space not only features compelling exhibits from Solution Providers but also plays host to engaging thematic roundtable discussions that delve into the showcased solutions. 


Join us to continue the dialogue and network with fellow attendees

The conference concludes with a cocktail reception, providing a casual space for discussions and sharing the day's insights. 

It presents an exciting chance to ignite a fire for putting the newfound knowledge into action in real-life scenarios. And that's not all – it's also a fantastic occasion to establish vibrant connections that will carry on long after the event is over.


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Discover Retail Innovation Across Borders: Poland & CEE Retail Summit
As you immerse yourself in the Romania & CEE Retail Summit, uncover a wellspring of inspiration – the Poland & CEE Retail Summit. With shared insights from advisory committees and a collective of 450 speakers, these events form an interconnected tapestry that shapes the future of retail in the CEE region.

Experience the transformative energy of the 15th edition of the Poland & CEE Retail Summit, set to take place on April 9 and 10, 2024 in Warsaw, 2 months before the Romania & CEE Retail Summit. As over 2500 attendees and 300 speakers converge in this dynamic exchange, they ignite a trail of innovation that propels and guides the trajectory of the subsequent Romania & CEE Retail Summit.

Poland & CEE Retail Summit

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