In summary, a Solution Hub in the context of Poland & CEE Retail Summit is a dynamic, interactive workshop area focused on collaborative problem-solving and innovation in the retail industry, guided by experts and tailored to produce actionable outcomes.

Standard format, option 1
1. Introduction and Welcome (10 minutes)

  • Briefly introduce the session's topic, objectives, and facilitators.
  • Set the expectations and format of the session.

2. Keynote or Expert Insights (15 minutes)

  • A brief presentation by an industry expert, showcasing the Solution Provider's tools and solutions, while providing context, latest trends, and key challenges in the session topic.

3. Group Discussion Breakout (30 minutes)

  • Divide participants into smaller groups for focused discussions.
  • Each group discusses specific aspects or challenges of the topic, facilitated by a moderator.

4.  Interactive Activity or Workshop (20 minutes)

  • Engage participants in an interactive activity or workshop related to the topic. This could involve problem-solving exercises, brainstorming sessions, or scenario analysis.

5. Group Presentations and Feedback (10 minutes)

  • Groups present their discussions, ideas, or solutions.
  • Facilitators and other participants provide feedback and insights.

6. Wrap-Up and Key Takeaways (5 minutes)

  • Summarize the key points and takeaways from the session.
  • Highlight any actionable steps or future considerations.

Standard format, Option 2
1. Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)

  • A brief welcome and introduction of the session topic, objectives, and the keynote speaker(s).

2. Extended Keynote Presentation (45 minutes)

  • A comprehensive keynote presentation by one or more industry experts, offering detailed insights into the Solution Provider's tools and solutions, supplemented with relevant case studies and innovative approaches tailored to the session's topic.

3. Moderated Q&A Session (30 minutes)

  • An interactive Q&A session where participants can ask questions directly to the experts. This allows for a deep dive into specific areas of interest and clarification of concepts presented during the keynote.

4. Participant Reflection and Networking (10 minutes)

  • Participants are encouraged to reflect on the insights gained and discuss these with peers in a relaxed, networking environment. This can be facilitated through structured 'speed networking' or open mingling.

Standard format, Option 3

1. Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Quick introduction to the session's theme, objectives, and the schedule.
  • Introduction of the expert and panel members.

2. Expert Presentation (20 minutes)

  • An industry expert from the Solution Provider presents their tools and solutions, providing context and insight into how these address current industry challenges and needs.

3. Client Panel Discussion (40 minutes)

  • A panel comprising clients of the Solution Provider, moderated by a facilitator.
  • Discussion focuses on real-world applications, challenges, and outcomes experienced by clients using the Solution Provider's tools and solutions.
  • Opportunity for audience Q&A integrated into the discussion.

4. Interactive Segment (15 minutes)

  • An interactive activity where participants engage directly with the tools or solutions, facilitated by the expert and panel members.
  • Could include live demonstrations, interactive walkthroughs, or scenario-based discussions.

5. Wrap-Up and Networking (10 minutes)

  • Summarization of key takeaways from both the expert presentation and panel discussion.
  • Brief networking segment to allow for informal discussions and personal queries.

Option 4: Customized Solution Hub - Your Format, Your Focus
At the Romania & CEE Retail Summit, we value the unique perspectives and expertise that each Solution Provider brings to the table. Understanding that one size does not fit all, we offer you the opportunity to tailor the structure of your Solution Hub session (workshop) to best fit your objectives and audience engagement style.
Design Your Session:

  • Flexibility in Format: You have the freedom to design the session format – whether it's a workshop, a panel discussion, a series of short talks, or a mix of different elements.
  • Choose Your Content: Focus on what matters most to you and your audience. From deep-diving into case studies, facilitating interactive problem-solving activities, to conducting live demonstrations or think-tank sessions, the choice is yours.
  • Engage Your Way: Decide how you want to engage with the participants. You might opt for a more interactive, discussion-based approach or a more formal presentation style with audience Q&A.
  • Guidance and Support: Our team is here to support you in planning and executing your customized session. We'll provide guidance on logistics, technology, and best practices to ensure your session is a success.