Become a Panelist at the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024

Join a prestigious lineup of industry experts and contribute to an enlightening discussion at the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024. With over 100 panelists expected, your voice and expertise could be instrumental in shaping the future of retail in the region.

Who Can Apply?

  1. You must work within a consumer-oriented business.
  2. You must hold a managerial role.

Final panelist selections will be at the discretion of the event organizers and will depend on panel availability and relevance of expertise. Interested? Here's How to Declare Your Interest:

  • Already have a free event voucher? Register for the conference. During registration, indicate your panelist interest.
Registration form
  • Don’t have a voucher yet? First, request your voucher. Upon receiving it, register and express your interest to be a panelist.
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Why Join as a Panelist?

Hear what previous panelists have said about their experiences:

  • "I can contribute to the industry's growth through sharing my insights."
  • "Being a panelist challenges me to view my business from a fresh perspective."
  • "It enhances my public speaking skills."
  • "Being on a panel gives my brand a strong presence at vital industry events."
  •  "It opens doors for insightful conversations after the panel."
  •  "My company deserves the best representation, and I can provide that."
  •  "It connects me more deeply with my team, showing them a different side of my expertise."
  • "Simply put, I love being on stage and sharing."

Keen on ensuring you deliver the best as a panelist? Review our Panelist Guidelines

  1. Research and Prepare: Understand your topic and get to know your fellow panelists.
  2. Coordinate with the Moderator: Discuss the flow, potential questions, and key discussion points prior to the event.
  3. Share Authentic Insights: Bring in real-world examples from your company, but steer clear of overt promotions.
  4. Practice Active Listening: Engage in the discussion, build on others’ points, and be open to differing perspectives.
  5. Engage with Everyone: Maintain eye contact with the moderator, panelists, and attendees. This creates a more connected conversation.
  6. Be Concise: Keep your answers short and relevant to allow for a flowing discussion.
  7. Engage the Audience: Encourage participation and be ready to address their inquiries.
  8. Stay Focused: Keep the discussion on track and relevant to the primary topic.
  9. Professionalism Above All: Be courteous, respectful, and maintain a high level of professionalism throughout.

"Join us in crafting a pivotal dialogue for the retail industry's future in the CEE region. We eagerly await your contribution."

Lex Haring Program & Speaker Manager