Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024 - 3rd Edition

10-13th of June 2024

 During the summit, each Solution Hub will home in on specific, timely topics, drawing in a diverse group of specialists keen to delve deep into their subject matter. With each Hub acting as an independent forum, attendees will gather insights tailored to their particular interests. As day turns to night, the evening dinners will create a unique setting where these varied groups come together, sharing their refined perspectives and crafting a collective vision for the future of retail.

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Dear Industry Innovators!

I'm thrilled to welcome you to the 3rd Annual Romania & CEE Retail Summit. Get ready to be part of a transformative journey over four exciting days, where retail meets innovation at every turn.

We're sparking a wave of change across four dynamic days: "Retail Strategies Mastery Day," "eRetail Growth Day," "Supply Chain Excellence Day," and "Sustainability Impact Day." Across these days, 750 retail enthusiasts will engage in 16 Focused Solution Hubs and curated dinners, sharing insights and forging the future of our industry.

Thanks to the European Circular Retail Foundation, and with the support of European Conferences United and our partners, we're offering exclusive opportunities for many professionals to join us at this grand event.

Prepare for an experience that goes beyond the norm—a platform for you to connect, discover, and lead.

I can't wait to greet you at what will be a defining moment for Retail, CPG and FMCG innovation in our region.

Casper Haring CEO European Conferences United

Starting the 2024 CEE Retail Summits, CEO Casper Haring and Nobel Prize laureate, former President Lech Walesa, initiate the series with an insightful pre-conference dinner, sparking enlightening discussions for the upcoming summits.


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The Romania & CEE Retail Summit commenced its journey with an exclusive Pre-Conference Dinner for Supply Chain VIPs on June 21, 2023.

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Continuing its momentum, the Romania & CEE Retail Summit featured a second kickoff attended by eCommercial VIPs on June 22nd, 2023

"Welcome to the Romania & CEE Retail Summit, a mosaic of specialized Solution Hubs tailored for industry pioneers across retail's vibrant spectrum. Choose your destination: from the latest in retail strategy and e-commerce innovation to the pinnacle of supply chain dynamics and sustainable practices.

Each Hub stands as a unique convergence of expertise and actionable insights, capped off with thematic dinners where varied perspectives blend into a rich tapestry of industry foresight.

Engage where your interests lie and connect at the crossroads of retail's evolving narrative."

Lex Haring Program & Speaker Manager CEE (RO, CZ & HU) European Conferences United

Concept of Participation: Navigating Your Summit Experience

Personalized Summit Journey
At the Romania & CEE Retail Summit, your participation is more than attendance—it's an immersive journey tailored to your professional interests. Our process is designed to align closely with your specific needs and areas of expertise, ensuring a maximally beneficial and engaging experience.

1. Identifying with Content
Begin by exploring our "The Evolution of Solution Hubs" on the Agenda page. This section provides a comprehensive overview of the potential themes and topics that will shape the Summit's focused sessions. Here, you'll find a spectrum of subjects, each holding the promise of in-depth exploration and discovery.

2. Selection and Registration
Upon identifying with the content, select the day that resonates most with your professional aspirations during the registration process. To further personalize your experience, you'll answer a few questions related to your specific interests in the chosen domain. This information is crucial for us to tailor a fitting Solution Hub experience for you.

3. Tailored Hub Assignment
Approximately three months before the Summit, we will reach out to you with our expert recommendations on which Solution Hub(s) align best with your expressed interests. You will then have the opportunity to select your preferred Solution Hub, ensuring a session that is most relevant and beneficial to your professional growth.

4. Dinner Participation
In addition to the Solution Hubs, you are invited to enrich your experience by joining the Dinner of your chosen day. This is an excellent opportunity to network, share insights, and reflect on the day's learning in a more informal setting. There is no additional cost involved in participating in these Dinners2Connect.


A Cost-Free, Tailored Experience
It's important to emphasize that participation in your selected Solution Hub and the corresponding dinner at the Romania & CEE Retail Summit is offered at no cost, thanks to the generous support of the European Circular Retail Foundation. Their commitment to fostering an environment of learning, connection, and growth allows us to remove barriers to access, ensuring that the Summit's enriching experiences are open and available to all industry professionals. By following this personalized process, you ensure that your time at the Romania & CEE Retail Summit is not only informative but transformative, aligning perfectly with your professional journey and aspirations. 

Defining Your Summit Experience: Who & Why to Participate in the Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024

The Romania & CEE Retail Summit 2024 is a must-attend event for those passionate about deep, expert-led discussions in the retail sector. This summit is ideal for professionals who:

Seek In-Depth Exploration
Ideal for those who are eager to delve deeply into areas like Retail Strategies, eRetail Growth, Supply Chain, or Sustainability, offering a rich, detailed examination of each sector.

Appreciate Focused Collaboration
Perfect for professionals who value concise, 90-minute Solution Hub sessions that foster focused, collaborative discussions on specific topics, encouraging active participation and exchange of ideas.

Enjoy Learning and Networking Balance
Suited for attendees who relish the combination of intensive learning with the opportunity for relaxed networking, engaging in vibrant dinner conversations with a diverse group of industry peers at our Dinners2Connect.


Whether you're seeking detailed professional insights or opportunities for informal engagement with sector leaders, the Romania & CEE Retail Summit provides a unique, enriching blend of professional development and social interaction, all within a time-efficient format. This allows you to gain significant knowledge and connections without sacrificing valuable work time, ensuring a fulfilling experience that resonates with your busy professional schedule.

Experience Retail Pioneering at the Poland & CEE Retail Summit

Before we convene in Bucharest, the Poland & CEE Retail Summit on April 9 and 10, 2024, in Warsaw, sets the stage for retail’s finest – with over 2500 participants and 300 speakers igniting the conversation on 10 dynamic stages. This event lays the groundwork for the collaborative innovation that we’ll continue to explore at the Romania & CEE Retail Summit.


Though distinct in scale, both summits unite under the banner of progress, with the Poland event offering breadth and the Romanian event providing depth. Attend the Poland & CEE Retail Summit to be at the forefront of retail transformation, and let’s carry that insight into focused discussions in Romania, shaping the future of retail together.

Poland & CEE Retail Summit